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Cartoon Network will become Boomerang, Teletoon will rebrand as Cartoon Network

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Corus announced that Teletoon will be rebranded as Cartoon Network on March 27. The existing Cartoon Network channel will become a Canadian version of its sister brand Boomerang the same day. (Source)
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That's true of almost all specialty channels.
I agree. It's extremely difficult to launch new channels successfully and has been for years. Even if all the licensing and carriage hurdles are overcome, then the channel may be relegated to stand-alone subscription status or placed in an obscure or expensive theme pack. This can happen even to channels that currently have good terms but get rebranded. The big BDUs pretty much have a stranglehold on what channels get good carriage and see new channels as an opportunity to gouge customers. The fact that they also own and operate most of the existing channels is a clear conflict of interest that the CRTC has not effectively addressed. In the long run, it's contributing to the decline of traditional TV services. They should be working on providing better value for the dollar by reducing prices, promoting new channels and providing universal carriage at a reasonable price for all specialty channels. Reducing the number of available channels while raising prices and turning their own offerings into zombie placeholder channels just makes more people want to cut the cord.
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