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Cartoon Network will become Boomerang, Teletoon will rebrand as Cartoon Network

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Corus announced that Teletoon will be rebranded as Cartoon Network on March 27. The existing Cartoon Network channel will become a Canadian version of its sister brand Boomerang the same day. (Source)
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I feel like this should have occurred when they launched Cartoon Network/Adult Swim back in 2012. It never really made sense to me to have both these channels airing program from the same or similar library of shows. They should have either relaunched Teletoon into Cartoon Network in 2012 and rebrand the Teletoon Retro channel into Boomerang back then.

It really was surprising to see the launch when linear cable/satellite TV was experiencing losses a decade ago.

I have some early year Teletoon programming on VHS and it feels like a completely different channel. It's Unreal!
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I'm really curious what these channels ratings are these days. I see many that have responded say they watch a series here or there but these channels target audience is mostly children and teens. I truly wonder how many kids/teens are watching these days. I know a lot of people with young children and none of them watch regular TV. It's all streaming and more importantly as the kids get older, they are almost never watching content produced by legacy studios. It's all independent content creators on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram.
That's exactly my thought too. None of my friends who have young families even subscribe to linear TV. Only ones that do is because they are roped in via a deal for 2 years. Majority of them either just use a couple streaming services, or put on YouTube for their young'ins. Not 100% sure why the change now, either it should have been called Cartoon Network from the start in 1997, or like I said, changed names in 2012.
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