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Cartoon Network will become Boomerang, Teletoon will rebrand as Cartoon Network

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Corus announced that Teletoon will be rebranded as Cartoon Network on March 27. The existing Cartoon Network channel will become a Canadian version of its sister brand Boomerang the same day. (Source)
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I still watching Family Channel because it's where the current season of Miraculous is, but god damn I hate how linear TV operates vs streaming. Trying to find stuff and watch it in the right order is a nightmare, and a lot of things just aren't available at all.

This is also the first I've heard of Teletoon+, which I guess explains why I can't find Steven Universe anywhere else: they've got it locked up behind yet another streaming service.
It seems far, far more likely that the site's data simpy stops at that point, rather than Corus suddenly eliminating a huge swath of its channel lineup.
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