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Cartoon Network will become Boomerang, Teletoon will rebrand as Cartoon Network

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Corus announced that Teletoon will be rebranded as Cartoon Network on March 27. The existing Cartoon Network channel will become a Canadian version of its sister brand Boomerang the same day. (Source)
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I can definitely confess I’ve grown way more attached to Adult Swim since the 24 hour channel launched though some of it is also because Cartoon Network in general is kind of in a dull state right now but I still hold some fondness towards the occasional Gumball rerun or especially Looney Tunes Cartoons.
Found this on Discord the other day. It’s the schedules for Boomerang and CN Canada and what do you know, one is almost identical to what it is now
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Are they crazy right now? I think it'll be fixed through next week.
I just checked. It’s updated to Boomerang proper although I think they got the dates mixed up. But still, Corus have actual human beings run their headquarters challenge (Impossible)
The final curtain is upon us and despite TELETOON+ still being there in name, the state that cable is in, and my general attitude towards TELETOON over the last sevenish years. I admit, it still feels bittersweet. And although I am still curious what Boomerang will add to the table, my expectations aren’t exactly high
i'm disappointed with the new boomerang channel. I was expecting the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons lineup from the 60's-70's , Kinda like Teletoon Retro did years ago .
Almost one week in and I get it. At the very least, I think we could have been more creative with the classic Canadian cartoons other than JUST the Racoons. While I guess we can consider Sidekick and Detentionaire ‘retro’ now. I’ve seen other Corus networks air much older shows that would be a better fit in my eyes. (Braceface, Wayside, Pelswick) Meanwhile, you have the DCAU on Cartoon Network as we speak so why can’t any of those shows also be on Boomerang? (Because this is Corus we’re talking about. If you look up bare minimum in dictionary, you’d find their Wikipedia page.)
I just found out that ABC Spark, DejaView, DTOUR, and History2 are also disappearing at 7:00 a.m. AT/6:00 a.m. ET beginning May 29.

CMT Canada and MovieTime are following suit beginning June 5, at 7:00 a.m. AT/6:00 a.m. ET.

So, which Corus channels will be impacted? I need a full list please.
I know cable has been on a downward spiral, but I feel Corus would have to be SEVERELY underperforming for that many channels to shut down or be rebranded all at once.
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