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So I took the plunge and ordered on of these:

With all the competition in the Nettop space, why this? I mean one can get an Acer Revo for $ 299. I'm still kind of asking myself the same question. I'm going to be placing these on the back of my wall mounted 52" LED TV. It's the only Nettop I've found with a Bluray drive thats thin enough to be tucked behind the tv.

Main uses:

- Netflix HD: The ION platform does not handle HD Netflix movies without stuttering.
- 1080p60 Recordings: I have a Panasonic HD Camera that shoots 1080p60... so far only my Quad Core PC has been able to handle playback without stuttering. I'm hoping (have not verified) that this platform can do the same considering the video card is similar to my quad core main PC.
- Occasional Blu-Ray playback. Sometimes my nephew's/nieces will bring their favourite moves over to play ... and I'm sans Bluray player at the moment.

Some concerns:

- XBMC Live may not work well with the ATI solution. I have managed to get my Core I3 to play smoothly with XBMC Live, so I'm hoping this platform is at least equal or great in performance.

- Fan noise: I have no idea what kind of fan noise this thing has. I hope none to minimal.


Anyone have one of these, or even a netbook on this platform that can give me an idea of what to expect?

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Didn't know these things were even released yet.

The Blu-ray drive in a Nettop is neat but it adds cost. Personally, I'd prefer no BR drive (since I have a BR player), a bigger HDD and a lower cost.
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