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Zoomed picture

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I live in Ottawa and I have some channels, currently I can see it on Vrak.TV (63 on my digital box) and during the tv shows I can see the picture as it was zoomed (even the logo is cut). On other channels, in example the SRC (5 on my digital box), I see completely the image. Also, all the Rogers stuff (ROD, guide, etc.) completely. How can I know if it's the network that is submitting the image zoomed in or if it's a problem with Rogers or even with my tv?
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Well, you can check the stretch modes on your TV and on the STB. You can press the * button on the STB remote repeatedly to run through the stretch modes and I assume there's a similar function on the TV. See the following FAQs: Stretch Modes Black Bars Useful post.

I find it useful to go to a channel like CP24. Unstretched this should be a 4:3 channel with no distortion and no missing information. As you run through the various stretch modes, you can see what happens to the information/boxes, etc.
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