Young people may be more technologically savvy than older people when it comes to the internet however a recent study by Wombat Security Technologies suggests that older people are still more savvy about the ways of the world.

The study of 515 Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff, and students has found that 18-25 year olds were consistently more vulnerable to internet phishing attacks than older participants.

The study involved sending the participants fake phishing emails that contained a potentially harmful URL to click on. When participants clicked on the simulated phishing link, they were shown cartoons telling them about phishing and how to avoid similar phishing attacks in the future. All participants were sent a series of three legitimate and seven simulated spear phishing emails over 28 days.

The researchers found that people in the 18-25 age group were more prone to consistently falling for phishing emails than older participants, though all age groups exhibited alarming levels of vulnerability with the average likelihood of someone falling for a phishing attack at 46.4 percent.

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