More local Canadian apps are being rolled out for use continuously, in both English and French.

Are you looking to do more digitally? Personal assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana can all be amazingly useful. You can get them to search for the weather, request answers to homework problems, track the traffic, hear flight updates, explore trivia on your favourite topics and more.

Just ask.

One thing that you couldn’t always do easily until recently though, at least through Google Assistant, is connect with the apps you use most on a daily basis.

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Since you’re turning to the Assistant to make life easier, having to leave it and launch an app manually or download it to find what you want, can be a pain. Now that’s all changing.

Last Wednesday, Google announced that you can now access many of your favourite apps and services directly through its popular personal assistant.

(It's true that, previously, users could use apps through the Assistant built for the service through Actions on Google , but these were limited and not every popular app was accessible).

At the moment, connections are being made and Google is rolling out more as you read this.

How it Works

As the company states on its blog, this is how it works: “Say “Ok Google, Drop the Puck” to play a game that tests your hockey knowledge. If you’re looking to craft a perfect cocktail, ask “Ok Google, talk to Tender”. Find a holiday gift for everyone on your list with “Ok Google, talk to Best Buy Canada”.

You get the picture.

One of the biggest benefits of this new feature is that you no longer need to download your favourite apps
onto your device in order to use them. To access an app once it’s available through Google Assistant, you simply use a voice command to tell the Assistant to connect you with it. And, bingo, you’re connected.

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Curious to know what apps are already available? Local Canadian applications are being rolled out in both English and French.

Try them by launching the app directory in the  Google Assistant on your phone , which you can find at the ‘Explore’ tab in Google Assistant. Tap on the blue button on the right hand side within the Assistant.

For another route, check out the Google Home app. 


And if you’re good at coding, check out the developer tools , documentation and a simulator available on the Actions on Google .

To read more about it, click here.

New to getting help? If you're still leading your life without a virtual personal assistant to answer and fulfill all your curious needs, click here . They come in a variety of shades and faces.

Cortana is a Windows product, Siri is in the Mac family, Google Assistant is obviously a service from Google, and Alexa is an Amazon warrior.

Your choice.

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