Bell's new feature allows you to rest assured they got the message, hold a 100-person group chat and more.

Last week, Bell announced the launch of its new Advanced Messaging feature in Canada. It’s Canada's first integrated Rich Communications Services (RCS) messaging experience, something that has previously only been available through specialized third-party applications but is now available straight from Bell, if you have the right phone.

For the moment, it’s only available on Samsung’s latest smartphones- the Samsung Note8 , Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ . Thankfully, Bell is promising to add more phones to the list, in the future, if you can stand to wait.

What do you need besides a Note8 or Galaxy S8 phone to get it? To use the service you’ll also need to be on board with a post-paid Bell Mobility rate plan that gives you data and text messaging, a Bell LTE SIM card, and be within Bell’s Voice and Video over LTE network coverage area .

One of the larger drawbacks to the service is that Advanced Messaging only works when both parties in the conversation have the feature on their smartphones. It’s like using an app such as Facetime, Skype or What’sApp and since it’s only available on the latest Samsung phones at the moment, its use is pretty restricted.

What does the service bring Samsung users now and additional Bell Mobility users in the future?

Here’s a list of what you can do with Advanced Messaging:

1) Know They Got the Message

If you have to know if and when the person you messaged got your note, photo or file this feature solves the problem. Enhanced delivery notification means that you’ll know if a message you sent was actually delivered, received and read. If the person is currently responding, you’ll also be able to see that they’re typing, before you put your phone back in your pocket.

2) You Can Write That Novel and Send It

You can send messages that are up to 8,000 characters long with this feature. If you’re long winded and have a lot of information to relay, this is your buddy.

3) You Can Address a Large Crowd

This feature allows you to hold a group chat with up to 100 participants, making it useful for meetings.

4) You Can Do Quality File Transfers

Advanced messaging supports file transfers involving high-resolution pictures, long videos and file types such as PDF, XLS and ZIP files.

5) You Can Have All Your Messages With One Person in the Same Place

All your Advanced Messaging, SMS and MMS messages with the same contact are placed in one messaging inbox with Advanced messaging, so you can view it as one convenient conversation at any time.

What does it all cost? Standard text/picture/video messaging rates apply when you use the chat message or file transfer features. It will come out of your rate plan or you’ll be charged at pay-per-use rates, whichever apply.

Unfortunately, roaming outside of Canada is not presently available for Advanced Messaging.

The Samsung Note8 will be available on September 15 and can be pre-ordered now at or by visiting a Bell, Bell MTS or The Source store.

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