Feel like you’ve never watched some of your TV channels? Many viewers- in fact, as much as 74%- feel the same. And Eastlink is listening.

Canada’s Eastlink is now giving customers more choice when it comes to TV viewing.

Eastlink customers can now swap out channels they don’t want in their cable package. User can swap in those they do, using the company’s “TV Channel Exchange”.

Consumers can’t pick any channel they wish, however. Viewers are restricted to a choosing what to swap from a list of about 150 channel options.

“Younger families may want to swap out channels for more educational and family programming,” says Eastlink CEO Lee Bragg, “while empty nesters may want to swap out children's channels for lifestyle, history, or travel-oriented programming."

How does this compare with other cable offerings? Large TV service providers in Canada such as Bell and Rogers promote the fact that you can “watch TV anywhere” with their services, but viewers don’t have the power to choose exactly what they watch.

You can watch TV with these companies on your smartphone while you wait for the bus, but they still choose what you get to see.

And even with the option of ‘watching anywhere’ Rogers’ app doesn’t get rave reviews on
or on Google Play. So, there’s room for portable TV improvement.

But is channel swapping in the future of all cable TV providers? Who knows. That would be great.

Right now, Eastlink's 'TV Channel Exchange" is available in Halifax, Sudbury and Alberta with other markets across Canada to come online early in 2017.