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Yamaha's HTR vs RX-V series

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Does anyone know the difference between these two types of recievers. Secondly, looking to upgrade by buying a new Yamaha reciever. Presently have the Yamaha RX-870 model. I use it mainly for watching movies.

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eljay said:
Yamaha receivers. The HTRs are box-store models, while the RX-Vs are "boutique" store models. The former are essentially identical to the latter, but less expensive.
The difference is the HTR specifications are set a 1 Khz and the RX-V are 20 hz to 20Khz. That is a bit bigger standard.

Which specification is for which receiver? By the frequency ranges, It agrees with what I was thinking, slightly lower distortion over a much greater frequency range. I am sure that both are quite good but I think they would reserve slightly higher quality for the boutique style stores.

Not from what I can see on the Yamaha site. I checked, as an example, the brochure for the HTR-5760. The RMS output power is listed for both:
- 8 ohms, 1KHz, 0.7% THD = 110W; and
- 8 ohms, 20Hz-20KHz, 0.06% THD = 95W.

The latter specs. and rating are what's on the site.

Got it,

Thanks for the clarification eljay.
I must admit that I do buy at the at the boutique stores because I am more comfortable buying from someone who knows more about the products than me. I am sure that such folks also exist at the big box stores but the extended warranty experts always serve me when I visit and I just leave feeling frustrated.

An equipment insider once told me that if a receiver passes the 20 Hz to 20 KHz test it becomes a RX-V if it fails but passes the 1Kh test it gets a different case and becomes a HTR I am not positive if this is true. I know for sure that I could not hear the difference between the scores in eljay’s post and the ones for the RX-V 2500 on the site but the boutique stores will probably still get my business because of the better customer service, better warranty experience and because both the wife and I think, the RX-V’s are prettier.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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