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Yamaha's HTR vs RX-V series

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Does anyone know the difference between these two types of recievers. Secondly, looking to upgrade by buying a new Yamaha reciever. Presently have the Yamaha RX-870 model. I use it mainly for watching movies.

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Mole said:
but the boutique stores will probably still get my business because of the better customer service, better warranty experience and because both the wife and I think, the RX-V’s are prettier. [/font]
To me, that is the ONLY reason to buy it from a specialised boutique store...and it is a valid one....Certainly not because of performance of the unit itself as I think that the only difference between the two lines is a marketing/marketshare motivation....nothing to do with performance or quality....
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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