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I've looked through the manual 100 times, and can't find anything.
. . .
* Enhancer (which seems to be just 'fake effects')
* Sur. Decode (this still doesn't show anything on the receiver itself)
* Straight (no idea)
* Direct (I THINK this takes whatever source the device is kicking out, but whenever i use this, the receiver makes a scary clicking noise that CANNOT be good )
I just pulled up the manual and quickly scanned through it.
- Pg. 26: The "COMPRESSED MUSIC ENHANCER" appears to compensate for compression artifacts. The "Straight" mode doesn't change anything, but the "7ch" mode should output audio to all seven channels.
- Also on pg. 26: The "SURROUND DECODE MODE" should expand two-channel sources to multi-channel playback.
- Pg. 27: "STRAIGHT" sends stereo or multi-channel signals to the appropriate speakers without any processing.
- Pg. 22: "PURE DIRECT" disables sound field programs, tone controls and display and operation of the option menu and set-up menu. (In other words, it sends the "purest" signal through to your speakers.)

Pg. 6 points out the "Speaker indicators", which indicate "speaker terminals from which signals are currently output". They're not a "blue light", but they just might be informative... ;)
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