Earlier this year, Yak Communications was named "Best Home Phone Provider of 2015".

The honour came from GoneVoIP.ca, an online platform that lists over 400 Voice over IP service providers and provides reviews from thousands of past and current users of VoIP services.

The website serves as a hub for information, tips, feedback and conversation related to VoIP, for the consumers’ benefit.

"Yak is leading the customer service attention revolution, (in VoIP),” says Luis Allegretti, Founder of GoneVoIP.ca. “Our directory shows Yak as refreshingly attentive and responsive to customer feedback. This is far from common practice in the industry. With service providers like Yak, there's hope this level of attention to customer service becomes a trend.”

GoneVoIP.ca’s criteria for 'Best Home Phone Provider' included a combination of pricing, features, support and overall value for the customer.

"Yak has done an impressive job providing great customer service and advanced features, all at an affordable price", says Allegretti. "Their introduction of Clear Voice technology in 2015 made a very positive impact. I anticipate exciting new developments in 2016."

Using VoIP services for a home phone is a growing trend. Opponents of VoIP home phone service, which offers phone service over the internet, often complain of choppy calls that cut in and out, loss of phone use due to power outages, loss of a dial tone and incoming calls, and static and echoes on the line, among other problems.

However, for those with some extra patience and the ability to reach customer service agents to help troubleshoot their difficulties, the pay off can be great.

Savings using VoIP home phone lines can be significant.

Yak Communications currently provides home phone service for less than $10/month, along with hundreds of free long distance minutes.  Other similar companies also provide comparable services and savings.

Yak Communications, which was founded in 1999 and acquired by Globalive Communications in 2006, is presently a favoured telecom alternative for over 1 million Canadians.

For more information, visit www.gonevoip.ca and www.yak.ca .