Want more sports? Today, Yahoo! Inc. ( YHOO ) announced the launch of Yahoo Esports – a new premier destination for delivering professional esports coverage across major games and events.

According to the company’s press release, Yahoo Esports will have an emphasis on video content experiences covering live tournaments while going inside the action to focus on the players and competition with commentary, interviews and in-depth features. The new online destination will also maintain industry wide calendars, match pages, team rosters, stats, scores, schedules and player rankings for access to the latest information in sports.

“We’re approaching our coverage of esports with the same tenacity and professionalism we always have with Yahoo Sports, News and Finance,” said Bob Condor, Vice President of Yahoo Sports Media. “Coupled with our experience in building great products, we’ve gone out and assembled an experienced and innovative content team that will cover esports from every angle.”

The site will have a live chat feature where fans can connect with others online and cheer for their favorite teams. At launch, Yahoo Esports will focus its coverage around “League of Legends,” “Dota 2,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Heroes of the Storm,” and “Street Fighter V” with additional titles being added over time.

With 24/7 sports coverage, Yahoo Esports will hide spoilers by default so fans can enjoy matches on their time.

The new team will include the following:

Andrea Rene

As a veteran video games reporter, Andrea will host esports experts covering weekly tournaments and unique stories. She can also be seen as the host of GameStop TV and the gaming news show “GND Weekly” for Gamer Next Door. Andrea has covered games for GameTrailers, The Escapist, and more, by conducting hundreds of developer interviews and reporting from major conventions like CES, Comic-Con, PAX, and E3. You can follow her @Andrearene

Travis Gafford

Travis will be leading the team in “League of Legends” video coverage. Prior to joining the Yahoo Esports team, Travis worked at CBSinteractive, creating esports content for onGamers and GameSpot. Travis's first step into esports began in 2011, when he launched podcast “State of the League.” You can follow him at @SotLTravis

Taylor Cocke

In addition to his coverage of “League of Legends” with Travis, Taylor will cover “Dota 2” and “Hearthstone.” He has more than five years of writing experience, having worked previously for IGN, Kotaku, Red Bull esports and many others. He was featured on IGN’s “Esports Weekly” doing on-camera interviews and panels. You can follow him @taylorcocke

Dylan Walker

Dylan is a Kansas City transplant now living in San Jose. He will break down “Heroes of the Storm” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” with host Andrea Rene. His history in competitive gaming started at LunatiK esports, an amateur CS:GO team in North America, where he worked behind the scenes as a team manager and content creator.

He transitioned to reporting for Team Liquid's CS:GO and “Heroes of the Storm” teams providing analysis on their performance when needed. Most recently he filled the live-in role of team manager/mom for COGnitive Gaming's “Heroes of the Storm” team. You can follow him @Dyluuxx