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Xplornet Starts New 4G Satellite Broadband Service

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Residents in many rural areas of Canada previously denied of 4G commercial broadband services, now have access thanks to the EchoStar XVII satellite.

Xplornet Communications said EchoStar XVII, a new 4G broadband satellite, has passed all tests and has been cleared for commercial service.

Residents in several rural and remote regions of British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia will now be able to experience high-speed Internet connection to their homes and businesses -- many for the very first time.

For almost the same cost of monthly services in urban centres, the EchoStar XVII satellite provides Internet access with speeds up to 25 mbps down.

"This new satellite will bring our high-speed and high-capacity packages to rural Canadians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland", said Xplornet CEO John Maduri.

He adds: "Xplornet has proven that 4G satellite is not just an acceptable technology for high-speed internet to rural Canada, but an exceptional one. Xplornet has invested heavily in bringing this technology to Canada and ensuring that no rural Canadian gets left behind in the new global, digital economy."

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We have been on Xplornet satellite Internet since 2007 in Beaverdell, BC. We have been told by Xplornet over the years that once their 4G satellites were in service we would have much better service. Well now that the new satellite is online, we have found out we aren't covered so we have to put up with the latency and ridiculous hourly usage limits. We can't even watch a two minute video clip. Not very happy!
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