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XM launches the SkyDock in Canada

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XM SkyDock

I'm somewhat confused with the XM SkyDock advertisement. They say that you need an I-pod or and I-phone along with an XM account; purchase the XM SkyDock and you can listen to XM Satelite Radio. I curently subscribe to XM however my radio is a factory installed one which obviously isn't mobile. What I would like to do is be able to have XM Radio on my home theatre. Could I purchase a unit like the SkyDock or something similar and port it to my home theate without having to pay for an additional subscription; or could I alteratively stream my XM from my personal computer to my home theatre; again without the cost of an additional account? I understand that as a XM subscriber I am entitled to set up and receive XM on my personal computer but I'm sure that they use specific codecs which would prohibit streaming via XBox or PS3, correct?

Thanks Cobra
This SkyDock thing is probably the most pointless device created for iPhone, in my opinion. Basically, it is a car XM tuner, that cannot work by itself, but requires an iPhone/iPod to be plugged in it. Probably its only added benefit is that it will charge your iPhone while it's plugged in.
For your home theatre, just use an iPhone/iPod Touch (with or without a dock) connected to your AV receiver. Use the XM or WunderRadio app to get the XM online.
Arthur, he is asking if he can listen to XM on his home theatre without paying extra and the answer is no.

If you use the XM app, its an extra $2,99 or so a month on top of the regular sub.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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