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XM Canada,Roady xt problems

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Hello, I just found this site, so thought some experts out there can help me.I have owned my Roady xt for 1 year now.My previous Roady got fried in a power surge,caused by lightning.

When I plug my Roady into the home cradle, it starts up fine, and for about 15 minutes everthing works fine. Then after 15 minutes or so, it changes stations all on its own. I checked the outside antenna and cleaned spiders etc from it , and have even changed the antenna. It still changes stations all by itself.IE if it is tuned to "CNN" it will jump to "The Blend "or some other station. It does not change on XM Preview,or the emergency channel.

The unit works fine in both my vehicles and my boat, and this problem only occurs in the house on the XM cradle.I moved the phone,and moved the entire unit away from all possible interference, and still the problem exists. Anybody got any ideas out there????. Thanks in advance.

Pacific Pete and the crew
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Trouble shooting follow up

Today ,I finally had some time to troubleshoot this problem. I put a volt meter on the power supply wires to the Home XM cradle. Voltage was only 3 volts,and is supposed to be 5 volts.I switched power supplies with my boat setup and now everything works fine.
So, to sum up, the power supply was providing 3 volts,instead of 5volts.Why this would cause the Roady XT to switch stations,is still a mystery. Pacific Pete
Low voltages will cause electronic devices to do all sorts of weird things.

Glad to hear you sorted it out and it was an easy fix.
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