Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (CSR), parent company of XM Canada today announced the appointment of Dara Altman to the Company's Board of Directors. Ms. Altman is an executive with Sirius XM in the United States and she replaces Gary M. Parsons.

Mr. Parsons was the founder of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and served as chairman of XM Satellite Radio. He resigned as chairman and director of Sirius XM and director CSR last week.

He resigned after Sirius XM was notified by the Nasdaq stock exchange in July that Sirius XM did not comply with the requirements in order to stay listed after one of its independent directors resigned.

"Gary was a founder of XM Canada and a true pioneer in the satellite radio industry. His vision, expertise and insights were instrumental in establishing satellite radio and XM in Canada." said John Bitove, Executive Chairman of the Board.

Dara Altman is Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Sirius XM Radio. Prior to the Sirius XM merger, Ms. Altman was the Executive Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for XM Satellite Radio in the U.S. During her 20-year career, Ms. Altman has served in key legal and management