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I have 2 xbox 360's (say A and B) and want to play a local multiplayer game with family members,

I know there is no such thing as sub accounts (which MS should allow) so I have setup the following so far:

Family Member A (Myself) (gold member)
Family Member B (silver member)
Family Member C (no membership yet)

so can I do the following with a game like "Snoopy Flying Aces" for example
- Xbox A - Snoopy Flying Aces - Member A selects Local Multiplayer and wants to play with Xbox B
- on the second Xbox - member B and C play split screen with member A who has setup a local multiplayer game

1) What do I need to accomplish above? do I need to buy a second copy of Snoopy Flying Aces?
2) Does Family Member B need to be a gold member to play local multiplayer?
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