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VGChartz has announced a rumour rega on a new massive update to the Xbox Experience on Sept 25th.

here are the rumoured details. Like all web "rumours" treat it with a grain of salt!

  • You can run Sirus Radio through your 360 for a monthly fee with no extra hardware
  • A new music service will be coming in the shape of either artist's music (Radiohead etc) for a price or some gaming music (Halo, Gears of War) for free
  • A new channel, Lib, will be added to the Xbox Experience but it's not known what Lib is
  • A preview of Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One, Portal: Still Alive, a free Halo 3 map pack and a new Mass Effect expansion all to be released on Marketplace soon after the re-launch
  • Assassins Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, a new shooter franchise from Rare, a new Conker and 2 new Halo games will be unveiled the same night (We assume this is Peter Jackson's Halo Project and Bungie's new Halo)
  • All the games mentioned though have been given codenames (Apricot, Burden, Conker, Dramatis, Error, Fender, Gargoyle, Hiroshima, Ignorance, Jeremiah, Kyoto, London)
  • 6 new Xbox Originals would be on the service exclusive to Gold Members on Xbox Live with Halo being free but it will only stand for memebers who have had their accounts for so long etc etc
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