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the better the kinect sales the less and less exclusive core games for the 360. Its already showing..i dont think you guys should be proud of that. 360 is turning into a casual system I just can't see how Kinect will do anything to make gaming better for me.
With no controls other than move your whole arms & legs round, I don't see how this can be used to play the games I like to play.
I hear this a lot and did wonder how they could make a complex game work for the kinect. It would be simple however, all MS has to do is make a small single hand controller like the wii nunchuck, there is nothing preventing the use of a controller along with the kinect motion and voice recognition features.

As for sales... I couldn't believe the kinect sensors were so rare in all edmonton area through december. (A whole boat load of empty promo boxes though :rolleyes: )Finally found one in a gamestop out in the boonies. Few kinect bundles around either.
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