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A word of warning to anyone looking into the Optik Xbox 360 deal Telus is offering, based on my own horrible and ongoing experience with Telus.

When I ordered the Optik promotion back in December (with installation at the start of January), I was given the 4-6 week shipping time for my Xbox 360 to arrive. I waited until the end of January, then phoned to find out the status on my order and was told that it had been shipped out. After another two weeks of waiting (it has been six weeks at this point), I phoned back again and was told, again, by a customer service agent that my 360 had indeed been shipped out, and I'll receive it in the next two weeks. Finally, I thought! But no, two weeks pass and once again I am on my phone friday night talking to an agent who tells me I'll absolutely have my 360 by the end of next week.

I've now been waiting 9 weeks for even a glimmer of hope that I'll actually receive my Xbox 360 from Telus. I was immediately forwarded tonight in my latest call to a number for Q Media, whom I'm supposed to communicate with now in order to get my 360 (why I'm being shoved off on another firm, I have no idea). They're apparently over 2000 orders behind on shipping the 360s out to customers, are waiting on more stock to arrive and unable to give a timeline on that, and then it will be an additional 2-3 weeks once stock arrives for them to ship out the 360s.

My Xbox 360 hasn't even been shipped yet, I've been repeatedly and continuously lied to by Telus representatives when trying to follow-up on this issue, and I *might* get my Xbox 360 by the end of March after ordering in December.
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