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If you intended to use the X-box as an STB for your Optik service then the tech will definately bring it.

When they are going to be used as STBs they aren't shipped to the customer, they are delivered onsite by the tech at installation, along with the other items required to use an X-box as an STB. These are the accessory cable connection package from Microsoft, the X-box universal remote controller, and the Optik software upgrade disk. This is because it takes 4 -6 weeks to deliver one to the customer if they aren't using it as an STB, so they are always brought by the tech if they're part of the installation of your Optik STBs.

You will need an X-box live account setup before the tech can install the X-box as an STB so be prepared to set this up when the tech is there, this is something the customer MUST do themselves. You need an e-mail address and your personal info and thats about it, the rest are personal choices that you make to set up your X-box live profile. Don't worry, if the tech doesn't arrive with an X-box because they didn't see it on the order, they can go back and get one. Its happened to me before, usually on Mondays. :)

Hope this helps.

- another TELUS tech
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