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edited for Brevity from press release issued today

Vancouver, BC, Canada — September 09, 2010 – CounterPath Corporation today announced the worldwide availability of X-Lite 4.0, an entry-level voice and video softphone for Mac and Windows PCs.

Available as a free download, X-Lite 4.0 is based on a year's worth of beta user feedback. It takes many of the popular features from X-Lite 3.0 and adds a completely new user interface that provides the choice of a contact-centric experience, a dialpad-centric experience or a combination of the two.

X-Lite 4.0's other major features include:
  1. Video and voice calling
  2. Call history, call display and message waiting indicator
  3. Call-management tools such as redial, hold, mute and speakerphone
  4. Managed contacts lists
  5. IM and presence using the SIMPLE protocol
  6. Automatic detection and configuration of audio devices
  7. Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control and voice-activity detection
  8. A troubleshooting assistant to help users quickly resolve a variety of issues
  9. Auto-complete list when placing calls
  10. Support for a wide range of audio codecs to ensure the highest possible call quality
  11. 100 percent compliance with RFC 3261, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) spec that lets endpoints negotiate the types of multimedia services to support during a call
  12. STUN and ICE NAT traversal to balance ease of use with network security
  13. Support for dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling, RFC 2833, inband DTMF and SIP INFO messages, all to ensure full compatibility with both VoIP and legacy analog phone systems.
  14. Human Interface Device (HID) support

X-Lite 4.0 is available today and can be downloaded for free from

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Downloaded and installed.

I think I will stick with X-Lite 3.

The new version is too dark and has an ad staring you in the face all the time. I prefer the user interface which looks like a phone on V3.

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I am new to the area of voip, My wireless internet server started to provide the service, I decided to try it.
They originally provided me with a Cisco Pap2t which was having problems dropping calls as I picked up the handset. This unit was installed after the router.
They changed this unit with Cisco SPA2102 which installs after the modem but before the router. It improved the problems.

I decided to try the x-lite soft phone on my laptop so I can use it on the road.

I am totally unfamiliar with this software, but I got my server to give me the info to configure it.

Now to get to the nitty gritty so to speak, when I start the software (X-lite 4) I get the message "enabling account.. please wait"
How long should it take..... 5min? 10min? ???

I am not known for patience :)

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I just booted it up and once the software finished loading, it took about 3 to 4 seconds.
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