From the time it went on sale in November of 2006 until the end of March this year, the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) has sold over 50 million units according to an announcement released today by Sony Computer Entertainment.

In addition, Sony said the PS3 now features a library of more than 2,100 software titles which have sold a combined 480 million units worldwide.

The 50 million unit sold number includes both the original PS3 and the slimmer and lighter PS3 system which went on sale in September 2009.

In Canada, the PS3 first went on sale on November 17, 2006 with the 20GB model priced at $549 while the 60GB version sold for $659. Due to strong demand, it was several months before many consumers could get their hands on the popular devices. Since it first went on sale, the PS3 has gotten cheaper, slimmed down in size and gained more storage. A 320GB slim version now sells in Canada for $329, about half the price a 60GB version sold for almost five years ago.

Two days after the Sony Playstation 3 went on sale, the Nintendo Will went on sale for $279 and it was close to a year before supply caught up with demand. The Nintendo Wii has gone on to sell more than 86 million units worldwide. The Wii is virtually unchanged since it was first launched and now sells for $200.

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