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hey guys,
I cant seem to find a relevant forum, so please feel free to move

I am trying to make a DVD of some videos I downloaded of you tube, they are a mix of .wmv, avi, .flv etc they are mainly stuff for my baby daughter to watch.

Now my "home DVD" player is an OLD Sony, so I tried to simply burn the files straight to DVD with no conversion (on win7), with the option to play as a DVD (not USB) , but dont think the DVD player has the right CODECS and the disc errored (but they played fine on my PC)

Now I'm pretty certain that my DVD can play MPEG2's as I can burn a DVD using my camcorder software and play them fine.

so I was looking at 2 options

1> Either getting a "mixed file > MPEG2 convertor" program preferably shareware/freeware and then burn them to DVD


2> Upgrading my Sony to blu-ray , I assume they will play all types of "computer/video formats"

so .... any ideas on any software I can use OR any other suggestions

thanks again guys


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You will need a program that converts your file to mpeg2 format that DVDs understand. One program that does it all for you is WinAVI. I think there is a trial for it.
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