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Hello All,

I am building a new home and plan to install a Nuvo Essentia Whole Home Audio System.

The issue I am having is that the Nuvo is rated for 40W (20W x 2) per Zone at 6 Ohms impedance. Since the power rating is so low, and the fact that I will be hooking up Monoprice 8 Ohm speakers to the system, if I hook up my speakers as they are intended to be hooked up, the power will drop significantly due to the impedance increase.

The speakers I will be using are Dual Voice Coil (8 Ohms each) 6.5" Three-Ways, so if I wire each speaker in parallel, the Nuvo amp will see a 4 Ohm impedance.

My question is, will this ultimately damage my Nuvo amplifier since it will be "overdrawn" while in use? I know it will run hotter, but if I can keep it cool (i.e. fan?) will it be okay to run at that level?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Maybe a different whole home audio system?

Thanks in advance!
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