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Wireless HDMI extender sends HD signals up to 10 metres

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yeah, they'll probably figure out in about 10 years that you can cook hotdogs if you place them in that 10 metre radius - just kidding, I guess some people can use a wireless set-up.
$1000 each! They will never sell at that price. The boxes are way to big as well.
They'll sell, just not a lot. New technology is always expensive. Give it time.
I'd pay 400 for one that works

600 if I could use one transmitter and two receivers.
While $1000 is expensive, it would really help in getting rid of all those darn cables if you setup correctly. I see this as an excellent addition to basement home theatres with projectors, but the price must come down big time.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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