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windows vista

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Hi, I just recently received my computer from the technician. I have download I tune, the newest version but everytime I want to transfer my cd into Itune, it doesn't work. It says "Itune player a cesser de fonctionner", don't know why it gave me my message in french when my computer is in english.

Need help please....
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canadian french. now i put it us. But for my problem with my itune, any idea what cause it^
this is not what i meant. everytime I want to transfer my cd into I tune, it always close saying that something cause a malfauction to the software. I have the latest i tune version.
i re-install it three times. still got the same issues and i check also in other forum & most people issues the same thing.
thanks. for the support website. a good thing i had a back up cd with my music that was the only way i could transfer song into my ipod and itune. other wise, no music cd works... but with windows media player my music cd's works fine.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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