On the Windows Phone Blog, Microsoft this week announced that it is stepping up the pace of its Windows Phone 7.5 (codenamed Mango) update around the Globe.

The company says the update success rates have been very high therefore the Windows Phone 7.5 available update is now available to 50 percent of eligible customers which should speed up the expected four week update cycle.

The company says it does not want to release the update to all customers until it has collected and analyzed installation data from smaller operators in order to sure the roll-out is going successful.

On the blog, Microsoft also answers the question of which Windows Phone 7.5 users get the update first. Says Eric Hautala of Microsoft, "Put simply, it's done totally at random, with absolutely no preference for carrier, model, or country." Hautala says random sampling is the best way to roll out updates because it allows the company to pinpoint issues earlier in the update process.

For Windows Phone users wanting the update sooner, WPCentral has published step by step instructions on how to force the Mango update onto your phone using Zune software on your PC.

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