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Windows Media Centre stopped downloading EPG

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My HP Media PC and the loaded Media Centre program worked fine for roughly 2 years and then stopped downloading the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) making it impossible to record TV offerings.

Generally, it works the same as the EPG on cable DVR(PVR), you find a program and hit the record button and if you want the entire series you select that option.

Obviously, if the EPG doesn't download the program offerings for the next 2 weeks (which was normal) you can't make any selections.

I have tried all MS sites including The Green Button (dedicated to WMC issues) and various newsgroups but have yet to find a solution.

Does anyone here have any ideas on how to restore my Media Centre software to it's former, fully-functioning self?

Thanks in advance,

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I have seen this in the past but it generally fixed itself after a reboot. You could also try rerunning the TV setup where you put in your postal code and pick your provider, which is likely Shaw.
I have seen similar behaviour. My EPG will update manually, but not automatically (after years of working). I have started to use a daily reboot application (because my HD-PVR and TV tuners are becoming "unavailable"). Rebooting seems to be the only fix for the tuner issue. Hopefully this will fix the EPG issue also.
I second the suggestion to re-run the TV setup. Sometimes the guide providers change headend IDs, which will cause guide downloads to fail or return no data.

I have restarted my PC and Media Centre many, many times. I have also re-entered and even changed my postal code and nothing gets it working.
I have been without Media Centre for over 3 months.
Somewhere, someone must have a remedy.
Please help.
Try a reset. Download Big Screen EPG (Free version) and select the "Media Center Reset Wizard" option.

That should get you back to scratch completely with Media Center. Note that you'll have to set everything up again.

Also check that your system time is correct, that can mess up EPG downloads as well.

Hey Pete, Happy New Year!

I just got around to your response an hour or so ago.

Joined and downloaded the Big Screen trial app. So far, after several attempts, I'm nowhere.

It didn't show selections for Canada, even after refreshing, so I chose Australia, got a provider listed but, naturally nothing I wanted. It didn't download any EPG even for that location.

I'm wondering if I jumped the gun by going with your suggestion of selecting the Media Reset option immediately. I noticed later, when nothing happened, that I was supposed to select something else first. Now, I'm trying to do that and getting nowhere, fast.

I'll get back at it but I wanted to thank you for your input, you're the only person in several months to suggest something along these lines, from Big Screen or elsewhere. Thank you.

I think I'll go back to square one and see if I get a drop down menu that shows Canada.


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I was suggesting Big Screen EPG just for the reset, I wouldn't recommend it for the Canadian/US listings. It's possible to do it, but way easier to just run the hack.

I may have been making assumptions here that you're using Windows 7. What version of Windows and of Media Center are you using?

The reset I think only works with Vista TVPack or Windows 7.
I spent the better part of the day Sunday trying your software suggestion and got nowhere. Sorry.

I`m running W7 and haven`t seen any number on WMC. I`ll assume it`s version 7 because it came built into W7. It can`t be removed separately like IE or other programs.

However, for some reason I decided to check out my video card in spite of the fact it was working properly. I was presented with an opportunity to re-jig the EPG settings that I couldn't access through WMC or any Windows page on the web.

Lo and behold, I was shown a page full of EPG with "No information available" and a button to "Download now.

I`ve clicked that button and have been told the info is being downloaded.

Stay tuned. I`ll post results here if and when I get them.

This could be a Happy New Year after all!
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I got further than I have in the past.
The EPG grid popped up with no listings and a button to start the refresh.
After plugging along for a bit I got the error message that it lost contact with the Windows Media Player and therefore couldn't update the EPG. What one has to do with the other is beyond me!
I have restarted the refresh process several times now with no joy. Sadly, I have used my Christmas vacation (10 days) working on this and must return to the job today.
I'll keep you posted.
Sorry you're having such a rough time.

I did some searching, and came across a thread where some others are having the media player connection error. Seems like in their case it was an nvidia driver issue.

My next recommendation would be to install SP1 for Windows 7 if you haven't already, that will refresh many of the media center files in case any of the executables have gone bad.

Last but not least, a full reinstall of Windows 7 should cover it if you have the media and/or restore information from HP.

I'd missed those 2 pages on the Green Button. But their fixes didn't work for me.

I had done a re-install of W7 a couple of months ago to no avail.

I also did a withdrawal of the MC works from the program options and that provided no joy either.

I back at square one again and every bit as frustrated as those people who posted on The Green Button.

I must admit, I'm curious as to why MS hasn't come forward on one of it's Forum pages or just the Media Centre page with a fix.

MS has also downloaded some updates to my machine under the guise of hot fixes but they obviously don't contain what I need to get MC running properly again. This, particularly in light of the number of people scattered around the internet suffering from the same problem.

Somewhere, there has to be a solution to this issue.
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If it doesn't work as configured by HP, with additional updates from Windows Update, then you might want to invoke HP Support as well. The first level will be painful, but they will have ability to escalate to Microsoft.

Somewhere, there has to be a solution to this issue.
My solution (although the problem was a bit different) was called SageTV ;)
Sorry to be late to the topic but I notice no one has recommended the user rename his eHome folder (typically C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome). That folder contains all the MC files. If you rename this folder, Media Center will see it as a new install and start the process anew.

If it doesn't let you rename the folder, you may have to stop the Windows Media Center Receiver and Scheduler services (see control panel, administrative tools, services).
Hi Jeneral,

I hadn't tried renaming the folder until you suggested it.

I tried it a few times but can't get the job done.

MS says I need Admin authority, which I do, but renaming the file as I have done over the years successfully, doesn't work here. I get an error message telling me that the program is open somewhere and so I can't change the folder name. There are no other programs using the file/folder that I am aware of.

I was going to rename the folder eHomeold and then start a new folder called eHome then restart MC and see what happens.

Any idea how to rename the folder?

I also have several files called mcepg followed by a different number. I'm thinking there are too many of them and that may be part of my problem. Mind you, I removed the original one when I started having trouble and it made no difference. Now it seems, more have been added.

If you can think of anything new, I'd be most appreciative.

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Another way to free the file lock is to boot into safe mode. Set Explorer to show hidden and system files.

Delete the existing mcepg database and backup folder:

The version numbers might be different for you. Media Center rebuilds the files when you run the MC Setup.
I get an error message telling me that the program is open somewhere and so I can't change the folder name. There are no other programs using the file/folder that I am aware of.
The Media Center services use that folder. That was why I mentioned needing to stop those services before trying to rename the folder. (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services...look for Windows Media Center Receiver Service and Windows Media Center Scheduler service...Right-click on each service and select Stop). I just tried it on my PC and I renamed my eHome folder to eHome.bak.

Michael DeAbreu's suggestion will also work. Restart your computer and press F8 shortly after the POST screen (text) but before Windows starts. That should allow you to boot into safe mode. In Safe Mode, only the Windows essential services will run.
Wasn't able to access "Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services." Doesn't show in my Control Panel.
Perhaps I didn't mention I'm using Windows 7 x 64 bit. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.
Naturally, "Windows Media Center Receiver Service and Windows Media Center Scheduler service" did not show either.
Does the phrase, "tear my hair out" have any clue for either of you?
Whatever help you can be again, is greatly appreciated.
I'm also using 64-bit Windows 7 and have no problem finding those services. Your Control Panel may be in "View by: Category" (upper right) . If that's the case, click the System and Security category, then the Administrative Tools category. Then double click Services on the right side.

You can also get there by right-clicking Computer on your desktop, choosing Manage from the menu, then Services and Applications.
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