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Windows Explorer will only display icons, not thumbnails

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FYI - my OS in Win7 Home Premium. This problem pertains to folders that contian jpeg picture files.

For some reason a little while ago Windows Explorer stopped displaying thumbnails when using the display options of Extra Large Icons, Large Icons and Medium Icons - instead it just displays the Icons. What will happen is that the picture thumbnail will be visible for a brief instant before it is replaced with the thumbnail.

I have tried checking and unchecking the Always show icons, never thumbnails.
I have tried changing the default display program for jpegs. I have tried several options including Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Picasa Photo Viewer, Paint, etc.
All I get is a brief flash of the picture and then the icon takes over and the icon changes depending on which program is currently the default.

Note that I have no problem actually opening the picture in one of several programs, it is just that I cannot see thumbnails of photos in Windows Explorer - and this is a very good way to just browse your photo collection.

Anyone have a suggestion?
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In Windows Explorer, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Folder Options". On the "View" tab, "Advanced Settings" ensure that the first option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is NOT checked.
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