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On the other side of things, "Pay After" is no longer truly pay after
(we can probably thank abusers for that - people who signed up, then never paid at all because they were unhappy/just plain didnt want to)

Now "pay after" is more in-line with what everyone else does for a billing scheme.
You're billed a pre-paid amount in the form of your monthly plan/addons (for the following month's service).
Then anything pay-per-use on top of that is billed post-paid (from the previous month's service).

Basically, the two are nearly identical now, just one needs a credit check and gives you a monthly statement and the other requires no credit check and you pay for everything as it happens.

Those of us who were existing pay-after customers essentially got a free month in sept/oct because of the switchover process, so it's fine by me :)
(we all got a credit equal to that month's service so that when we next paid it would be prepaying for the next month under the new payment system)

If you're on the fence between the two methods, and have a decent credit rating, I would get 'pay after' simply for the itemized bill.
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