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Wind Mobile Phone

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I have decided to get a plan with Wind and I have to choose between these two phones:

The Nokia 5230 or the Huawei U8100. They cost the same, and I will be only getting the Voice plan. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards the Huawei since it is an Android, but without a data plan, will it be useless?
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The Huawei has WiFi, so it'll still be good without data. They're about to release a new Alcatel Android phone for $160 which you might also want to consider.
If you're in no hurry, I'd wait and see what new phones they come up with for the holidays.

The huawei, while being android isn't too great.
The wifi is a plus over the nokia, though, for sure.
These are the new phones that will be available soon (or became recently available):

Huawei U3200 ($90)
LG dLite ($140)
Alcatel OT981A ($190)
BB Curve 3G ($290)
BB Pearl 3G ($320)

I might have missed something, but the new Android costs $190, not $160.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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