Wind Mobile is offering an unprecedented deal to Mobilicity customers from now until January 26th: 6 months of free service, along with a free SIM card. The free plan also includes unlimited talk, data and text.

Mobile Syrup speculates that this is all part of Wind’s master plan to buy out Mobilicity ahead of the AWS-3 auction taking place in less than 2 months time. Since 60% of the wireless spectrum up for grabs is being set aside for smaller carriers, it only makes sense that Wind would want to narrow the playing field by absorbing the competition.

It’s also no secret that Mobilicity is in dire financial straits.The company is currently under court-approved creditor protection, which ends on January 30th.

It would seem that by ending their ‘6 months free’ promotion on January 26th, Wind is hoping to take away enough of Mobility’s customer base that they may be in an untenable situation with their creditors come the 30th, potentially opening the door for a takeover bid.

If you’re a Mobilcity customer and are interested in making the jump to Wind, check out their website for more details.

As for all this takeover business, you know what they say: only time will tell.


[Sources: Mobile Syrup , Wind Mobile ]