by Christina Peden

Wind mobile announced Thursday a plan to reduce fees for domestic roaming rates across their partner networks in Canada and the US.  The new rates come into effect immediately.

Previously, Wind customers could expect to pay 20₵ per minute for incoming and outgoing calls in the US and Canada if they were outside Wind’s network. This fee has been reduced to 15₵ per minute. Outgoing texts will now cost just 5₵ outside the network; before, they cost 15₵ per text. Finally, the cost of data use on the partner networks has been drastically decreased; it will now cost just 5₵/MB as opposed to the old $1/MB rate — a 95 per cent cost reduction.

The company also announced new, faster network speeds on partner networks, from 120KBps (2G) to 42MBps (4G), so Wind customers will have access to a 4G network no matter where they are.

Along with this comes expanded coverage via a number of partner networks — Wind devices will now work in 97 per cent of populated areas throughout Canada and the US. Lack of network coverage has historically been a sticking point in Canadians not making the switch to Wind, so it will be interesting to see what effect these newly announced improvements have on company’s business.


Source: WIND Mobile