Globalive's WIND Mobile officially launched wireless phone service in in Vancouver today.

Vancouver becomes the fifth city in Canada where Wind offers services. Other cities include Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

The company offers three voice plans: Chat, Always Talk and Always Shout for $15, $35 and $45 a month respectively which do not include the cost of the wireless phone. Until June 30th, the company is offering 50% on all voice and data plans for the first six months.

All of Winds plans are non contract so you won't need to sign up for a one, two or three year wireless phone plans. Other consumer friendly features of Wind plans include: no activation fee, no system access fee, no E-911 fee and no penalties for changing or cancelling a plan.

Residents of Vancouver can now sign up at one of three WIND Mobile retail locations in Vancouver or at one of seven Blockbuster in-store locations around the city.

To view a list of Wind Mobile locations in Vancouver or to discuss Wind Mobile offerings, visit Digital Home’s Canadian Wireless Phone forum .