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I have over the years had Telus, Bell and Rogers. I got a $200 bill from Telus when my my Favs promo expired and that was the end of Telus. On the weekend I picked up the Blackberry Bold 9700 and Pearl for $400 less the $150 usage credit and the LG DLite , and signed up for the 22.50, 17.50, and 7.50 voice plans (50% off) and the $10 data plan for the BB.
So far I am very impressed. Drove all the way from the World Exchange Plaza downtown to Manotick (which doesn't even officially have coverage yet). I locked it to the Wind Home network to prevent roaming (which is a good idea). Great coverage all the way and the sound quality is outstanding... a tiny bit of hum near the airport but very slight.
$0.25 roaming in the US sealed the deal. The only minor nit is when I exit the underground garage it has trouble finding the Wind network... I need to disable and enable the network connection and it finds it right away. Not sure if that is a BB thing or unique to Wind.
Two thumbs up for Wind... other than being a user I have no affiliation with Wind in any other way.
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