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That would be a problem with your handset.
911 cannot be blocked. If the call isn't connecting, your phone isn't working properly.
Wind nor rogers have no say in what device can call 911.
Any phone, even un-activated/no sim in it is granted unrestricted access to 911.

"Disabled" just means you cannot make (regular) calls, texts, or use data.
I wouldn't necessarily be so quick to point to the phone. There is logic on the phone and on the network for handling emergency calls depending upon whether it is a home network phone (that is active), a foreign network phone (that is active and roaming), a foreign network phone (that is active but prohibited from roaming) or an inactive phone. I can see there being an issue with the logic somewhere if Rogers authenticates the Wind phone yet blocks it from roaming, in which case it may block 911. It is a logic fault that shouldn't happen but one that may not have been adequately considered in one or both of the phone or network design.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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