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Hope this is the correct forum but I couldn't find one that talks about rural wireless internet service. I am north of Kingston and do not have access to DSL or Cable however I have been using a service from a local ISP provider that uses a wireless system to supply rural customers. I have had the service for about 3 years and while it is a great improvement over dial up compared to the speeds that people with DSL or Cable obtain it's still quite slow. I understand the my current radio is using the 900mHz band and has a download limit of around 3 Mbit/sec. I occasionaly see this rate but during heavy use times my speeds slow down below 1 Mbit/sec. But the service is reliable and it's still usable even at the lower speeds. I just received a call from my ISP telling me the tower I'm pointing toward now supports a second radio type which should be much faster. He said the technology is called WiMax and operates in a lisenced frequency range in the 5 GHz range. He promised 7 to 10 Mbits/sec downloads with little or no slow downs during the busy evening hours. This upgrade would cost me $99 for the new radio on my roof and a $10/month increase on my monthly service fee. They are going to do a site survey and get back to me with confirmed download rates. Anyone have WiMax now and if so does it work as advertised? Thanks.
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