According to recent reports, Canada Post is currently looking at the possibility of using drones to deliver the mail. Their use is far off, if at all officials say, but the post office admits  they are considering their use to remain competitive.

Amazon is said to be working on Prime Air, a delivery service that would use drones to deliver small packages to customer’s doorsteps. Devices have been designed and made and testing is reportedly underway around the globe.

Jon Hamilton, spokesperson commented on Amazon’s use of drones in relation to Canada Post saying,

“It may be something that has applications for the postal service,” Hamilton said. “But it may be something that is just more of an emerging threat to the existing postal business, and how do we respond to that?”

Canada Post says that the use of drones to deliver the mail in Canada is in the very early stages, and the Crown Corporation is basically “examining what’s out there today.”

Canadians are shopping online more than ever before, and there are almost 16 million addresses across the country.

Canada Post currently uses its 3,000 vehicles and 6,000 post offices to deliver the mail to them.