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Why Wind Mobile lost two customers today

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This morning I read about the Wind Mobile All in the Family plan.

I thought, excellent, I am going to sign both my kids up with new phones.

Went to my local Blockbuster and asked for the deal. The helpful sales clerk apologized and said that he couldn't give me the deal and that I had to talk to "corporate." The guy is a nice guy and I wanted him to have the sale but he said the only way I might have a chance was to go to a corporate Blockbuster store.

Okay, so I hopped in the car and drove ten minutes to the Blockbuster store at Parklawn and Queensway. Went inside and asked the clerk how to sign up for the All in the Family plan. She said I had to have a "form". I said, I don't have the form but I would like to sign up for the plan. She then proceeded to tell me how I could sign up for "better" plans and so on.

I said no, I wanted the All in the Family plan that I had read about. She refused to offer me the plan and refused to tell me why some people were eligible and I wasn't.

  • An hour of my time was wasted.
  • Wind Mobile lost two customers.
  • Wind Mobile has gained a vocal critic for its refusal to even exlain to me why I was not eligible for a deal it was offering some and not others.

Seems like Wind has learned about customer service from the Big Three!
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It is totally the norm, you can post this on the Wind forums and they will simply delete it. Issue after issue and they are all deleted. 911 issue deleted. Home zone that becomes an away zone that is a no zone. the list is endless. The OP had a terrible experience thats much is true. But take just 1 of the details and it is unacceptable.. lump them all together then its appalling. The only pro I can think of is now that Wind is for sale.. perhaps the new owners will take better charge than the old ones from Egypt did! BTW was it the Indian or Egyptian call center you spoke with? Not that it matters because less than a year in they outsourced. Oh the list of complaints I could vent.. but as many already know.. " I am marked for death " lol OP good luck
His issues would have just begun, the billing, coverage, dead zones, lack of handset choices, customer service failures, data down, network down.. God forbid he have an issues and post it on the wind forum just to have it deleted. No no he got a glimpse into the future of wind.

rsambuca pull a 12 year old off the street? really? And ask them to pros and con of a cell service their parents would be paying for? Hmm good point.. A service that works everywhere? oh thats not wind, one that I can count on to make my calls, not wind again.. do not get into this p!ssing contest my friend. You will not measure up. Wind is a company that had such promise.. they stood on a platform of no hidden anything. Well ownership is an issue.. network, CSR, back office/front office.. there is quite a list.

So please do tell me.. Wind is for sale do you think the new owners will change things? Since the old owners have said they will not put in anymore money into wind, well the shareholders have said this, what is next? Looks like the talk of Mobli buying wind is true?

I for one applaud Hugh for his article. He is not the first to document his experience with Wind. And clearly not the last.
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Hugh this " friends and family plan " was open to anyone. That much is fact. YOU had a terrible experience and wrote about it. The previous F&F plan was limited and sales staff were selling the invites. Wind then simply opened it up for all. They need the subscribers badly. Wind could do a simple account audit and then find out who is a legitimate friend or family member.. there even was a " dummy " referral code in the system.

What has happened to you has and is happening to others.. just the others choose to post on the Wind Forums where its deleted promptly.
Profets we both know the F&F was a sham. The first go around people were selling the plans.. and the second time same thing happend so that is why wind just let it go. It got them more subscribers and thats all they cared about. The " dummy " referal code in the activation system is damming enough. When I read the article I thought classic bait and switch.. then as I read on it was clear Wind is in trouble. Less than a year in and afor sale. thats pretty bad, they should have just reached out and made Hugh the offer of his promised plan then he could have said it was smooth and painless.. then fingers crossed the network billing and handset did not fail him he could have been pro wind. As it looks Wind failed yet another person.
The bottom line is line: If he wasn't eligible for this plan then they shouldn't have: processed the order, sent out a phone, attempted to activate the sim card, etc.

Would his experience been any different if he simply ordered from the website using an advertised plan?
James I agree with you! lets just say for a moment you are the CSR and he explains to you what all he has been through, and tells you I want the plan that I was promised.. you do it for the customer of course OR find someone who will. Plain and simple Wind needs each and every sub they can get.
Again, I think some people are missing the point: Thompson, as the voice of this site, has a responsiblility to make sure that posts reflecting the site's official position are balanced and based on a complete professional analysis, and not driven by personal frustrations. You may not think it fair that that Thompson has to meet a higher standard than those of us who only post in the forums, but it is a reality of the responsibility he has assumed through his position in the information industry. If Digital Home was merely a small-time personal blog, Thompson could write whatever he wanted and people would take it in context. That is not the case, however, and it is little different from the way in which news presenters have to be very careful when stating personal positions on issues. The fact that DH has the ability to influence an international news feed just reinforces that fact.
I do not see what the issue is here. If this was a Rogers bash you would have no issue. I think you and many others are pinning your hopes on wind and are blind to the fact that they are no better and sometimes worse than the big 3. I remember tony atop his soap box claiming they will be different no hidden fees and they will always tell you how it is. Then they stopped the roaming in a home zone so they would not have to pay rogers for the lack of network they had. Totally understandable.. I mean why should you get what you pay for?! I mean really! While the big 3 lowered the cost of a sim wind raised it.. no official reason.. lets not forget they limited the unlimited plans and but a cap on the infinite plans also. Hugh did not report on any of this? He did not touch upon how all the debt is held by a company offshore. Nor did he say how the numbers of subs is fudged each time the pitchman for wind speaks. Not a word about the sale, out sourcing, lack of handsets etc.. I think Hugh was more then honest with his experience trying to become a Windie. Of all the points what he brings up, all the short comings..all that can be picked out is why were there no pros to wind.. well maybe since he never got to be a client he could not find out. So the fault falls on Wind.
Try posting this on the Wind forums and see how quick it is deleted.
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Who are all these people out there who make their buying decisions based on a single article/review?
I do not think anyone said they based his/her decision to sign up on Wind from Hugh's personal experience. I can tell you there is a post of people wanting to hush him up on the Wind Forums. And I can tell you that his point of view is a valid one. I have had and seen many more posts of people saying they have had issue after issue. Not a single month goes by someone is saying the billing is messed up. I am sure if all had gone well he could have reported just as fairly as he did.
Hugh was spot on in his assessment. Here in the GTA what he got csr wise is normal.

Pro win is cheap.. if you can get it.

Much like the all you can eat buffett.. 4.99 but its from 12-1215 and you need to book in advance, and they are booked for 6 months.. and there is a dress code.. but it is cheap thats a pro. Can't tell you how the food is. Or the service..

Quit defending Winds lack of customer commitment. Hit up the hofo or wind forums and you will read more and more people having issues the latter will delete them asap.. but they are there.
Rockjock, again, it's not about defending Wind. In fact, if you look at some of the strongest complaints against Hugh's post, they all make it clear that the treatment he received was not acceptable. The problem is in the way Hugh's post - as an official statement on behalf of the site - is unbalanced. If he had simply described his experience and positioned it as his personal bad experience with Wind, this might not have been an issue. His calling it a "review" (which, in the public's mind, suggests an actual assessment of the product), his positioning it as an official recommendation from the site, the complete lack of any assessment of the actual telephone and data service, the fact that DH gets picked up by international news feeds - all of that is what made the post inappropriate.
I respectfully disagree. I did not take it as a review, nor would anyone that read it IMO. I took it as his personal experience. His facts were correct and his assessment fair. He could not comment about the service as they did not give him any. I do honestly think the pro windies are more hurt by his honest account of how he was treated and if this was a Big 3 post no one would care. His post was linked on the Wind site and the usual answers were given, troll, lies, how could this be true, shut him up, shut him down and then when people would side with him they promptly deleted it.

Having been with all the the big 3 over the years, Wind in Europe and here in Canada, Vodafone O2 eplus t-mobile.. I can say I never have had so much trouble as when I was with Wind here in Canada. But that is just me. I expected my handset to work. Silly me.

Hugh you are dong a great job!
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Telus, Rogers, and Bell have more complaints than Wind ever gets on HOFO. So this does not mean anything regarding their customer service. I myself was not defending Wind, I was merely telling my side of the story on how good their customer service has been to me. Anyway, if you are the same Rockjock from the Wind forums (back before they launched), then you have always been against Wind, before they their service was ever tested.
Yes I am he, but before they launched I was pro wind. Hoping they would be like their sister companies in Italy and Greece. Then asking questions and not getting answers. The longer I stuck with wind the more I saw the problems. 6 months and the same first of the month madness, the issues with home zone roaming.. there really is quite a list. I even had the round table talks at coffee shops all over the city. People from the big 3 and wind mobli public would get together and talk and give ideas etc.. ahuh same bloke.

I also got flack for asking questions, making comments etc.. reminding people what Wind said they would do and what they have done..

But you are correct the big 3 have more complaints than wind.. but wind is rapidly making up for it. But I fully expect someone to reach out.. Rome was not built in a day, the customer decides with their wallets, and a few other catch phrases that wind put out. Yes I am the same one.
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