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Why Wind Mobile lost two customers today

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This morning I read about the Wind Mobile All in the Family plan.

I thought, excellent, I am going to sign both my kids up with new phones.

Went to my local Blockbuster and asked for the deal. The helpful sales clerk apologized and said that he couldn't give me the deal and that I had to talk to "corporate." The guy is a nice guy and I wanted him to have the sale but he said the only way I might have a chance was to go to a corporate Blockbuster store.

Okay, so I hopped in the car and drove ten minutes to the Blockbuster store at Parklawn and Queensway. Went inside and asked the clerk how to sign up for the All in the Family plan. She said I had to have a "form". I said, I don't have the form but I would like to sign up for the plan. She then proceeded to tell me how I could sign up for "better" plans and so on.

I said no, I wanted the All in the Family plan that I had read about. She refused to offer me the plan and refused to tell me why some people were eligible and I wasn't.

  • An hour of my time was wasted.
  • Wind Mobile lost two customers.
  • Wind Mobile has gained a vocal critic for its refusal to even exlain to me why I was not eligible for a deal it was offering some and not others.

Seems like Wind has learned about customer service from the Big Three!
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The auto-reboot bug was a pain.
Though I've since upgraded to an N1 and passed the phone on to my father. He hasn't had it do that since, and it's been nearly six months.
I think it was a bug in the connection/tower signal and the phone's interpretation (it would only reboot the second it locked on wind home from the last reboot) that's since been fixed.

Though, if it does happen, remove the battery and a 30s 'rest' should fix it.
I guess I'm lucky (or I just got in early before the mad rush)
When I signed up in march, it was painless. Port went through overnight.

When they unofficially announced the $40 unlimited plan, I called up and was switched over in <6 minutes on the phone.

Zero problems.

It's unfortunate you had such a bad experience, though it's important to note that there are good ones too ;)

Reading through your whole story, I could understand the hassle with the HAITF, since it was technically only for friends and family of wind employees.

The rest of the problems are inexcusable, IMO.
Especially the simple return of a phone..
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1 - 2 of 154 Posts
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