Having your Internet, TV and home phone all on the same bill has it advantages. By lumping them all together, you can save money as well as make things easier when it comes to paying monthly bills.


For coverage in large areas, check out these 4 cheapest, widely available Internet bundles in Ontario:

1) Rogers Good Bundle $109.99/month (2-year contract + $14.95 activation fee)

Here’s what you get:

TV: 113 channels including Sportsnet, TSN, Viceland, and Treehouse among others, plus one bonus channel of your choice .

Internet: Rogers Ignite 30, 125 GB of monthly usage, 30 Mbps downloads, 5 Mbps uploads.

Phone: unlimited local calling on a home phone.

This is Rogers' cheapest deal at the moment, in terms of bundles. The company is offering TV/Internet/Home Phone bundles at a guaranteed price, fixed for a 2-year term, and each comes with access to Rogers Game Center Live comes as a bonus.

With this one, you will also get both the modem and installation at no extra cost.

If you use a home phone line and you want reliable Internet at home as well as cable, this will save you dollars.

2 ) Rogers Better Bundle $154/month (2-year contract + $14.95 activation fee)

Here’s what you get:

TV:143 channels including the Food Network, Disney Channel and Movie Time among others, plus one bonus channel of your choice .

Internet: Rogers Ignite 60, 200 GB of monthly usage, 60 Mbps download,10 Mbps upload.

Phone:unlimited Canada-wide calling on a home phone.

This bundle is just the next step up in Rogers’ bundle offerings. You get the same thing as listed in the first bundle here, but more of it.

3) Bell Promotional Bundle $99.85/month CHECK ACTIVATION FEES

Bell has a promotional offer on right now. For $99.85/month, sign up before December 31 st 2016 and you get:

TV:Fibe TV

Internet:15 Mbps download

Phone:home phone service

4) Bell Outside of Promotional Offers-$109.85/month

Here’s what you get:

TV:Fibe TV with 62 channels including TSN, tln, The Weather Network, Sportsnet, the History Channel and A & E, among others

Internet: 25 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload, 125 GB of monthly usage

Phone:home phone with unlimited local calling

Bell’s regular bundle offerings also come at different price offerings. This is the cheapest bundle Bell has to offer at the moment outside of promotional deals, and it's basically on par with Rogers’ basic bundle.

The only difference is that you get half the amount of TV channels with Bell, (113 channels with Rogers, and 62 with Bell).

Rogers and Bell both offer bundles that can help you save.

On another note, companies such as East Link and Cogeco also offer bundles involving TV, Internet and home phone, or simply home phone and Internet in Ontario, but since they aren’t as widely available, we’ve saved them for another time.

If you think Cogeco or Eastlink services are available in your area, it can be worth checking out these companies as well.