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Why is OTA DTV audio easily broken with weak signal?

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I use OTA HD, and sometimes I watch a weak channel. When the picture is even slightly garbled, the audio is intermittent. Why?

Audio is 448Kbps Video is 19200Kbps. It is 2.3% of the total amount of data for HD. So why is even a slight garble in video results in bad audio? I understand if bad reception causes me to lose say 10-20% of data, but what's the likelyhood that ALL of 2.3% of audio information is lost in there ALL THE TIME?

For analog OTA, the picture can be ridiculously fuzzy, and the audio would remain crystal clear.

I'm using a LG 50PK550, with the antenna plugged directly into the TV.
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atsc standards are located here for download.

A/53, Part 1:2009, “Digital Television System”
A/53, Part 2:2007, “RF/Transmission System Characteristics”
A/53, Part 3:2009, “Service Multiplex and Transport Subsystem Characteristics”
A/53, Part 4:2009, “MPEG-2 Video System Characteristics”
A/53, Part 5:2010, “AC-3 Audio System Characteristics”
A/53, Part 6:2010, “Enhanced AC-3 Audio System Characteristics”
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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