Today is June 15th, the first day for sales of Microsoft's Office 2010 software which includes new versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and Access database. For over a year, the company has been spending millions marketing this product and presumably will spend millions more in coming weeks in and effort to entice computer users to upgrade.

For some time, I had been contemplating purchasing Microsoft Outlook 2010 because my desktop is still running Outlook 2003 and I felt I could benefit from the new features in Outlook 2010.

While in Futureshop today, I decided that I would not only buy Outlook but I would  buy the entire Office 2010 professional edition which comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Outlook. While the suite was $349, versus $179 for Outlook, I managed to convince myself that new editions of World, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote might just be worth the extra cash.

Having made the decision, I grabbed the box and went to the cashier to check out. Once at the cash, the cashier informed me that I could not buy it at the checkout counter. I would be required to go over to the returns counter.

So I walked over to the counter where a woman who had been signaled to by the cashier, walked over to me and stuck out her hand without saying a word. Assuming she wanted the software box, I handed it to her. She took the box from me and without a word, she walked away.

Left alone and not knowing what I should do, I simply stood in front of the returns counter scratching my head. About thirty seconds later, a third customer service representative came out of a door and asked if I had been served.

I replied that I had not. I explained that I wanted Office 2010 software and what had just happened. The third customer service representative  said  that it was okay and that the second representative was probably getting me the software "in the back." She then went back into her office and left me standing alone again.

So I was left wondering why I had been shuffled away from the cashier and wondering if the mystery lady who had demanded my software packaging would ever return.  After standing another minute, I was fed up at the lack of communication and walked out of the Futureshop store thinking, if people can't even speak to me and explain why I am not being serviced then I can live without Office 2010.

Guess I''ll have to wait for Office 2013!

-- Hugh Thompson Digital Home

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