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Two nights - last and this evening - my family has tried to watch the Christmas 8 pm movie on CBC Vancouver. For convenience sake, I recorded it on HD, as we were also into Christmas prep. What I discovered is that CBC HD has no sound - just the quick ticking sound that you get on an unauthorized channel. Pic was okay, however. On SD it was fine, but I didn't record it there. Playback on the recording was just a dark screen.

Tonight we tried the Polar Express and I set to record on both HD and SD. On HD we got the picture, but again the 'tic, tic, tic....' And to watch it live, it was the same as the recording - pic but no sound. So I checked SD. Pic and sound both played, but the recording only did 2 minutes, but read as full. It was fine live, although because I was recording it, my daughter had to start watching it 40 minutes into the show.

Damned annoying! Anybody know if it is Shaw or CBC which is at fault? Or my PVR - An Aspen I think?

Cheers & Merry Christmas!
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