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I usually open the blinds on south facing windows to get some solar gain and open all bedroom doors to even out temp throughout.

I used to set temp to 15C when on longer holidays in winter. Some of my plants wilted but didn't die at 15C, so yes consider the plants. However, I think OP said no plants in his house.

Turn water heater to "holiday" setting if there's one, otherwise, about 1/4 from zero would be a good setting.

Depending on where you are and the forecast lows, you may want to shut off water main, add plumbing anti-freeze on all water fixtures - toilets, sinks, tubs, shower, laundry, etc. Think storms and power failures.

Finally, check with your insurance policy. I think mine says that if house is vacant for more than four days, it should be winterized (e.g. anti-freeze) or house is visited once every four days (or some wording like that). Otherwise, if pipes freeze and burst, insurance co. may not cover you.

P.S. Enjoy your holidays!
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