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Bell (and their subsidiary Virgin) and Telus both share a 3G HSPA+ network. Rogers and their subsidiary Fido have a 3G HSPA+ overlay on most of their 2G GSM network. Both networks offer very good reception and it is difficult to say which is the best.

All three major companies (Bell, Rogers, Telus) and their subsidiaries have support that typically ranges from mediocre to abysmal. You will find plenty of people who will tell you lengthy horror stories about all three.

All of the 5 I listed carry the iPhone 4 and all but Fido carry a variation of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Alternatively you could consider one of the new HSPA+ providers, either Wind or Mobilicity. Both offer significantly better rate plans but neither use contracts and thus will not subsidize phone costs, so you may would need to purchase a phone outright. They are not compatible with iPhones, but you could use the Samsung Galaxy S variant sold by T-Mobile USA. As new providers their coverage is much more limited and less reliable, check their websites for details.
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